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Month: July 2019

Walk for liberty or fall for anything!

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  We are packing for our trip to Idaho tomorrow to speak at the Liberty Summit about over-regulation and uniting against the rural economy killing agenda of our political class. We are looking forward to spending a few days with the Lt. Governor of Idaho, several House Representatives, influential members of the public land community,…
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We produced a video last year which explains RS2477

We have been engaged in some conversations about closed roads by BLM and USFS…can they do that? We produced a video last year which explains RS2477 and why they can’t close many of the roads they do. Do they care? Well no, they do not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v08bzU25q5U YOUTUBE.COM Closed roads and what are your rights AMRA…
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Speakers at the State Capitol

We have been working hard to unite with other groups and are finalizing who will be speaking at the state capitol. We reached out to a few off-road groups, they are the only one’s who seem disinterested in getting their message to the people who will attend the rally. If you know of an off-roader…
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Truly remarkable how powerful the EPA has become.

Truly remarkable how powerful the EPA has become. Even a dry creek bed is a navigable waterway. It IS about control folks. https://pacificlegal.org/dry-creek-beds-arent-navigable-w…/… PACIFICLEGAL.ORG Curtis Martin is a rancher. Scenic hills surround his remote Oregon farmland, where he grazes his livestock and grows feed for them. Curtis, and thousands like him across our nation, feed…
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Logging Roads are No Longer Shown on Maps

It’s past time to reopen our old roads. Grant the citizenry access to our lands and let the loggers help by putting in new roads, improving existing roads, establishing future campsites, all the while, bringing lumber to market and thinning our overgrown forests for healthier forest management practices. ‎Bob Golden‎ to My Job Depends On Ag July…
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Keep Up the Good Work!

We’re getting reports that supporters are handing out these flyers to various shops today. First off, a huge and heart-felt Thank You to those of you who are doing this. The response to these flyers is of overwhelming enthusiastic support for what we’re doing. Keep it up out there. Some suggested shops to place these…
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Oregon Fed Up with Over-regulation, Received Invite from President Trump

Our friends in Oregon who held the protest at the capitol in Salem and who are just as fed up with over-regulation as we are here in California just received an invite from President Trump to have dinner with them in Washington DC. This is precisely what we are hoping for, but in order for…
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